Most aircraft owners have a financial team and legal advisors. But special knowhow of NEXXUS Aerospace Legal and Finance Advisors is in addition and close cooperation needed: Only the right operating structures properly balance the competing areas of law to meet the owner’s requirements. This allows effectiveness from a tax perspective, and maximizes the possible income tax deductions including aircraft depreciation, while avoiding limitations.
Usually Income tax deductions result only from the use of an aircraft in a commercial environment. Tax deductions are not available for personal or hobby use. It is key that the aircraft be properly integrated into a business structure in full financial and legal compliance. Then, and only then the cost of use are reasonable, auditable business expenses.

NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. and it partners handle Aircraft Registration nationally and internationally which is a complex, detailed and ongoing process. This is mandatory to ensure compliance with the legislative and technical Regulatory Framework and the provision of information and statistics from the registers and the support databases.

National and international registers document Air Operations, Airworthiness, Dangerous Goods Guidance, Training Requirements and Applying for approvals , Ownership and Leasing, Aircraft Mortgages , De-registration, Insurance requirements, Non-registration and more.


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