NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. stands for outstanding Business Aviation Services. They can be measure-tailored for each customer’s needs. Selecting the right FBO as homebase partner is an important step. NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. and its partners assist customers to park their aircraft or helicopter for just over night parking or on a long term contract basis.

Aircraft services include taxiing, luggage handling, lavatory drainage and aircraft refueling. wide range of Aircraft Cleaning services, including Internal and External Cleans, Paintwork and Brightwork and Polishing and Carpet Cleaning can be used at request. It is ensured that they also can use the services of maintenance organizations on location being able to look after adhoc maintenance of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.
In small and remote area airports, the tower understands and only speaks the local language and the aircraft operator has sometimes to provide its own maintenance and refueling capacities.

FBO’s handle passengers and crew services such as immigration and customs support, often through special facilities with direct airside access.

Many times this includes arranging limousines and coaches airside to the steps of an aircraft (if approved by security authorities.) And/or Limousine, Taxi & Car Hire, Car Parking, Local public transport The service can include passengers and crew transportation, hotel reservations and catering coordination. NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. customers enjoy excellent catering from specialised suppliers.


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