NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. ensures that its customer’s business aircraft - fixed wing or helicopter – can perform the full range of aircraft operations. Because they are maintained and overhauled by a fully authorised and trained service center for each type of aircraft to the highest standards.

NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. is working with business aircraft manufacturers in new aircraft design, managing and inspecting for quality production and completions, providing support for continuing reliability, durability and safety engineering while managing service center pre-purchase inspections. Customers can be sure that all maintenance processes are in full compliance with international standards.

NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. customers have a seamless support network. Authorised technicians assure that aircrafts always return to service on schedule, and on budget and keep their value.
Line Maintenance procedures requiring minimum local regulatory approval such as: Routine checks and servicing, Troubleshooting, LRU replacement. It is ensured that customers can use the services of maintenance organizations on location being able to look after adhoc maintenance of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters!
NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. demands, that maintenance partners apply these rules in the best interest of its customers. This guarantees a safe, reliable airplane or helicopter while saving unnecessary maintenance costs. They insist on a written discrepancy list and cost and time estimate before approving any maintenance work. And work will not be started or parts replaced before there is certainty about what is really wrong. In addition to Aircraft Technical Audits we provide Aircraft Maintenance & Completions Invoice Audits and Legal Counsel in the area of guarantees and Technical Support


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