A Complex Business

NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. understands the complexities of the aircraft purchase and sales business allowing you and/or your team to concentrate on your business NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd respects the individuality of every customer and every transaction. The resulting 'a la carte' choice of services on offer is diverse and tailored to specific situations. This is ensured by NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. very responsive service and a high level of expertise. Whether buying, selling or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, we are committed to providing superior customer service and creating mutually beneficial long-term customer relationships.

Comprehensive consulting means that NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. considers all financial, legal, regulatory and technical benchmarks — cost of capital, default tax rate, appetite for depreciation and alternative minimum tax situations, import/export guidelines after purchase. We successfully purchase, buy, sell or lease a new or pre-owned aircraft,
and taking care of marketing, market research, negotiating, technical evaluation, contracting, import/export and documentation.

Which Is Your Aircraft?

We identify a broad scope of aircraft that will meet requirements. Are there specific types of air craft that are, or are not, to be considered? Is there a preference for a new or a previously owned aircraft.
In close cooperation and with our internal and external experts we identify the most appropriate aircraft type; and are buying or leasing the right aircraft on or off market; we arrange full aircraft inspections and technical assessments; assisting customers legal advisors with aviation-specific legal matters.
NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. can provide a technical expert to represent customers during a pre-purchase inspection or for monitoring the work of a pre-owned or new aircraft production or renewal process.
To measure-tailor an aircraft for a customer we organize design work, installations and modifications on anything from paint schemes to interior options, entertainment systems and avionics upgrades.
NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. can periodically review aircraft and operator to ensure proper operation and maintenance – to avoid negative experiences when an aircraft is returned at lease contract termination or other reasons. Current and accurate value estimates are provided by experienced aircraft brokers who trade in and know the different markets.


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