In Business Aviation and the Private markets transport is always a cost issue. Of course. Business Aviation with NEXXUS Aerospace Ltd. creates value through the productive hours of professionals. It is also damage prevention: a team or even a single missing engineer stuck at an airport can stop the production for hours.
You are what you fly - besides bringing efficiency and comfort to corporate and private Business Aviation, there is a strong image and prestige value through top standard modern business aircraft, stylish profile and high value appearance and interiors of fixed-wing business jets and helicopters.

Business Aviation is the solution for growing traffic problems

The failure of transport and logistics infrastructure to keep pace with economic development has been to the advantage of the Business Aviation sector. Many airports are overcrowded. Often highways are congested and there are not enough railways or metro capacities. Even if domestic scheduled connections with changing planes and/or transports are available, the complicated itineraries and extremely long distances obstruct operations. Over 3 percent of all commercial airline flights are cancelled. Nearly one quarter are delayed. Today, because of record load factors on commercial airlines, if a flight is cancelled or a delay causes passengers to miss connections, the odds getting on the next flight are significantly reduced.
By avoiding scheduled flights, on-the road hours travel time, overnight costs etc. are significantly reduced. It makes a huge difference if - with a business aircraft, private jet or helicopter - travel time can be cut to four to five hours, including all transfers rather than spending two to three days on the road.

Bringing you there – really.

Business aviation serves many times the number of locations commercial airlines do. This can allow companies to locate and maintain plants or facilities in cost-competitive small towns or rural communities or operate far distanced oil fields or mines with little or no commercial airline service.
Surveys show that 3 of 4 of passengers aboard business airplanes are non-executive employees. A typical oil field eg. employs several hundred people and requires an average of eight visits a year from hundreds of specialists and technicians, who have to be flown in to manage and oversee operations, and another 30 visits a year by senior company managers. When travelling with business aircraft, employees can meet, plan and work en route, in a secure environment and without fear of eavesdropping, industrial espionage or physical threat.


The ever growing time pressure has turned corporate executives, entrepreneurs and private VIP’s to use helicopters as an important component in addition to fixed wing business jets, in urban areas and in the booming off-shore oil sector. For point-to-point travel up to distances of 300 miles. In mega-metropolitan areas with unavoidable traffic congestions in rush hours helicopters have become a popular way of commuting from home to the landing spots on downtown towers, gaining time and avoiding dangers.

Logistics and equipment moving

Business aviation provides logistic flexibility. When companies need to immediately move sensitive or critical equipment, Business Aviation is often the best solution. Employees can respond to changing or emergency demands and circumstances.


Medevac with a business aircraft has to ensure that medical professionals follow strict procedures and protocol, with the patient's well-being and comfort as primary considerations. The interior and equipment of fixed wing aircraft or helicopters has to meet the requirements. Medical flights and ambulance transfers have to be arranged and personally handled by trained specialists.


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